4 reasons why life is better in 360° feat. Theta SC

Life is better in 360 and Ricoh Theta SC knows how to play that card. As a photography junkie, I am constantly intrigued by cool effects you can create with cameras. The RICOH Theta SC takes that curiosity to the next level.

Allowing to capture your full surrounding, the Theta 360 camera manages to capture a new dimension: a full 360 immersive dimension.


Here are 4 reasons why you should get the Ricoh Theta SC 360° camera yourself:

1. Life is better in 360

Let’s face it. In this day and age, everybody uses their cellphone camera to capture moments in 2D. But why stick to the same thing when you can have fun in 360°? The RICOH Theta SC 360° camera not only takes pictures, it also films, taking home videos to another level. 360° level it is!

2. Easy to use

To optimally use the Theta SC, you need two things (besides the camera): Theta app and the Theta+ app. The device allows you to upload and edit everything on your cellphone. No need for a laptop nor a SD-card. Just two easy to use apps and you are ready to capture your 360 adventures!

3. Small and portable

As a photography junkie, carrying heavy equipment has kind of become a staple when traveling for example. I cannot stress how much I hate carrying around that extra weight of a DSLR camera. The Theta SC, however, literally fits in your back pocket making it easy to carry around and take advantage of scenery 360-wise.

4. It’s fun!

You know those ‘tiny planet photos’ that you see on instagram? They are not only fun to look at but even more fun to produce. Let’s say your traveling around and you can your entire surrounding with one camera. Why would you even think twice about? Those ‘tiny planet photos’ are not the only format you can choose from: mirror ball, flat, landscape… You name it, Theta SC can produce it!




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