All about our marble kitchen worktop

How about a new home update?! Finally telling you all about our marble kitchen worktop today!

Remember when 2 years ago (!), right after we moved into our new home, I wrote this blogpost about us purchasing our new kitchen? We decided to go for an affordable kitchen that we could upgrade with a luxurious touch — a fine marble worktop! However, when that decision was made, the real quest only just began…

Little did we know there’s just SO MANY GORGEOUS MARBLE to choose from! Scroll down to see what we decided upon ♥

We ended up finding our dream marble worktop at Il Granito. Now, I had already mentioned Il Granito in this older blogpost that I just shared, but let me reintroduce them real quick to all of you! We discovered this Italian family business through Patricia‘s husband Dieter Vander Velpen and instantly fell in loooove with their aesthetics and eye for detail! Also, their exquisite marble selection of course 🙂

We made an appointment and stopped by their showroom and atelier in Genk, Limburg. Owner Angelo welcomed us into a full on marble playground! We looked through every piece of marble present in the atelier to pick the one that would perfectly complement our black kitchen.

Personally, I was doubting between a soft, light green-ish one and a high-contrast one with lots of brown and dark green touches.

Welllll, you all know what we ended up with, right? We picked the exact same one as Angelo has in his own kitchen, based on this ah-mazing picture we had found on their Instagram.

After the big decision was made, everything went super quick! The team came to take all kitchen measurements and prepared our worktop in just a few weeks. The Il Granito team was very fast and professional in their delivery and installation — first floor without an elevator, y’all. They even left us the marble leftovers to use as shelves or bathroom accessories, so lovely. Would 100% recommend!

And now…. find the final result in its full glory below! I still absolutely adore it — it’s like an eye-catching piece of art in the middle of the living room. Sometimes I catch myself getting lost in the marble’s nerves while waiting for my coffee to brew.

Oh, and before you ask! The cut-out circle you see on the left of the worktop is actually a tiny dustbin for crumbs! The chef of the house had seen this on TV cooking shows and really wanted one for himself at home 🙂

I received so many questions on our marble worktop already, and one that just keeps coming back is: is marble practical in the kitchen? I must admit that cleaning & cooking-wise we have picked a pretty “difficult” kitchen. Black matte cabinets that show fingerprints and marble that has to be handled with care, that is.

However, all of this doesn’t really upset me. First of all, Il Granito added a protective layer to the marble that makes it more difficult for acids to get absorbed. We also simply use an XL cuttingboard while cooking and instantly clean everything whenever some dirt, or worse, lemon juice ends up on the worktop. There are lots of cleaning products that are specialized in natural stones, so all goooood.

Plus, our decision to go for marble with a very busy colour pattern has proven to be very handy whenever we do end up with a little stain 🙂 Nothing to be seen!

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this interior post! Very curious to know what you think of the kitchen 🙂

Oh and once again, let me show you the way to Il Granito’s website and Instagram — it’s worth scrolling through for lots of inspiration, plus they are super friendly and professional if you’d like to ask for a price quotation!

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