Are You a People Pleaser?

The People Pleaser or Sweetie or Co-dependent or adult version of Good Girl and Good Boy:

– you feel obliged to take responsibility of other people’s feelings,

– you just can’t feel calm and at ease until everybody around you feels this way too,

– you feel that the lives of other people, their happiness, success, health, results (especially members of your family, your clients, your patients, your students) depend on you,

– if they don’t have any results, you just try harder, do more, get more involved,

– when you set limits to others, you feel guilty because you feel like you hurt them unnecessarily, you disappoint them, you reject them, you are egoistic,

– you will do absolutely anything to be liked, loved, appreciated, accepted, important, respected,

– the needs, expectations, and problems of others are always in the first place, and therefore your own come last, and with time you even forget that you have them at all,

– your self-esteem is very fragile and constantly changing, because it depends on others, on their opinion about you, on how they feel, whether you meet their expectations …

If you recognize yourself in this description, most likely you have the inner pattern of the Co-dependent or the People Pleaser.

In this video how to start transforming this pattern:
1. Who is the People Pleaser.

2. How can you start changing this pattern.

3. About setting healthy boundaries.

4. About being “a sponge” for other people’s feelings.

5. How to understand patterns.

6. Free Online Consult, register via the link in my bio👆

7. Free Webinar about Self-Sabotage, 30 May, 9 pm CET.

with love,
💗 Mariola

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