Are You Like A Waterfall Or A River With Many Arms?

A waterfall is powerful because all its water flows in one direction.

You are like a waterfall when your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are consistent.

When you live in harmony with yourself and your values.

Whatever goal you set for yourself then, you generate tremendous energy in that direction and are unstoppable.

On the contrary, a river with many arms disperses its power in many directions and flows slowly.

You are like a river when you think one thing, feel another and say and do something completely different.

So you live in an internal conflict.

Your goals seem incompatible with your life.

Or you don’t have the vital energy to bring your plans to completion.

To deal with obstacles along the way, to maintain discipline and good habits.

You feel like you’re stuck.

You’re busy, you feel tired, maybe even exhausted, and you don’t have time and energy… but you aren’t moving forward.

Or, you pursue a number of insignificant goals that ultimately don’t give you satisfaction.

You dissipate your strength and energy like a river with many arms.


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