Chez Mon Ex

We stumbled upon Chez Mon Ex when Wonder Bru‘s first beer Mate Brew was launched there. With the signs advertising the Luxembourgish Battin beers outside, one wouldn’t immediately expect a craft beer bar here… As it turned out, they do really like the Brussels and other craft breweries there, and quite a few of these beers feature on the menu, both on draught, and in bottles and cans! It still has the look and feel of a neighbourhood bar, because, well, it is!

The love for local is obvious from the fact that Chez Mon Ex has had a house beer made by Brasserie de la Mule: L’Ex de Ton Ex, a tasty ‘old school saison’, available on draught, of course. The other local beer available on tap during our visit, was Sabotage by No Science, a brewery you don’t often see on draught!

On the bottle and cans list we found more beers by No Science, but also by De la Senne, Surréaliste, Annexe, La Mule of course, and Fugu Brewing Co. (although they seem to mix up the name of the brewery and their beers…). From slightly further away, they have a nice selection of beers from Atrium and De Ranke.

The list wouldn’t be complete without some nice gueuzes, obviously including Cantillon.


There’s no full kitchen here, but they serve some cheese and charcuterie platters in different sizes, and they are—as it says on the chalkboard—miam-miam!

There are also artisanal dry sausages available, and—quite out of the ordinary for a bar—cookies!

We should also mention that there regularly are concerts and jam sessions at Chez Mon Ex. But even if there is no live music when you visit, the beer list and the quirky decoration should keep you entertained for quite a while!



  • 5 Beers on draught, 2 of them local or craft from further away
  • Plenty of bottles and cans from local breweries


  • Cheese and charcuterie platters

Chez Mon Ex
Rue De Roumanie 2
1060 Brussel

What have people been drinking here recently?

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