Coaching – Never Work A Day In Your Life

Coaching – Never Work A Day In Your Life

Have you come to the conclusion you are having a bad week? I came across a top ten list recently that delineated reasons for leaving work early. This list is designed to amuse, but it could be you have felt this way from time to time.

Reasons to leave work…

1. Not spending enough quality time with the kitchen appliances.

2. Came dressed in only a towel…again.

3. Ran out of paper clips.

4. I’ve decided to telecommute.

5. Ambassador to Belgium is at the White House.

6. It’s a long drive home to Texas.

7. One-day sale at Macy’s.

8. My brain is melting!

9. I think they found me out.

10. Accidentally erased the whole week’s work off the computer disk.

If you’ve ever been in a job that feels ‘dead-end’ then you would willingly provide any excuse to get out of working and go home – or anywhere for that matter. The truth is many people do push their work in neutral because there is a significant shortage of job satisfaction.

So many people push their passion for work to the back burner. You read right, a ‘passion for work’. Some employees come to the conclusion there is no such thing as a passion for work, but that may simply be because they have never personally experienced it.

For many employees job satisfaction is an oxymoron. In the minds of these individuals there is no way job and satisfaction should be placed in the same sentence. Many simply work to pay bills. Many return to work day after day simply so they can get back to the weekend and have some time away from work. This thinking presents a never-ending cycle that has them agreeing with an old country song, “Stop the World and Let Me Off”. Managers are having a hard time motivating their staff and in many ways this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

“Wait!” You may be saying, “What about that passion for work you were talking about.”

Ah yes, a passion for work is when you blend the things you care about most with the satisfaction of successfully doing something to propagate (fuels) the potential of that passion. You see, passion isn’t afraid of a little work. In fact, the two can fuel each other to greater success.

The problem is there are far too many individuals who simply exist in a job they don’t like because they actually fear where their passion (hobby, idea) will take them.

Many online businesses were developed because someone came to the conclusion that it was better to do something with a dream than nothing with a job they couldn’t stand.

I was told when I was young, “If you like what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”

Maybe you are one of those people looking for an excuse to leave work. If you are maybe it’s time to evaluate what excites you and then work to take the job or your dream and do something unbelievable with it.

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