Corporate Accounting (2)

Corporate Accounting

The ideas of Corporate ERP/MRP/Accounting application was developed back in 1960th, however nowadays the topic is still actual and we are watching how dozens of new Accounting packages hit the market every year. This process sees some consolidation, to be admitted. In this small article we will be reviewing key parameters to take to the consideration while selecting corporate ERP and Microsoft Great Plains/Dynamics GP as budget option for large or mid-size corporation
• Database Platform. If you look back to 1990th – the competition between cheaper platforms, such as Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 was in the progress. However now Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 is solid rock product, which can support unlimited database size and data recording/retrieving pattern. In 1990th you would be thinking about Oracle, DB2, Sybase, etc. to select reliable database platform
• Computer Hardware. Well, the question of computer hardware is still actual, however we see more trust to Intel/AMD platforms, yes servers from Dell, HP, Compaq. Even Linux is coming to Intel/AMD servers world and the question of hardware competition should be probably deemphasized. The question on Unix/Linux/Windows competition is still on the place and we expect more harmony in the future
• Microsoft Dynamics ERP Selection. Here we see several products: Microsoft Great Plains/Dynamics GP, Microsoft Axapta/Dynamics AX, Microsoft Navision/Dynamics NAV. If you think about rich-functionality ERP – this is Microsoft Axapta. However in our opinion – corporation should consider budget solutions first – and this is where Microsoft Great Plains comes to the consideration
• Regional Consideration. If we are thinking about Microsoft Dynamics ERP products – Navision and Axapta should be considered as very good candidate for localized products for new and emerging markets: Brazil, LATAM (Latin America), China, India. Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains is good candidate for English speaking countries and French Canada/Quebec/Montreal.
• Brazilian Localization specifics. In our opinion, if you are mid-size branch in Brazil, you should consider SAP Business One as a hub ERP application to be consolidated to your European (mySAP) or USA headquarters (Microsoft Dynamics GP)
• LATAM Consideration. Great Plains Software, later on purchased by Microsoft and renamed into Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions, has very long and successful presence in Latin America
• Europa. Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 will be available in UK, however French, Belgium, German, Dutch versions will be translated in the second half of 2006. Version 9.0 of Microsoft Dynamics GP will be probably the last one available for non-English speaking countries in Europe
• eConnect. If we are diving into technical depth of Microsoft Great Plains – this is where you should be investing into your developers training and certification. Even Great Plains Integration Manager will be rewritten in eConnect technologies. Plus you should be aware about eConnect domination in Ecommerce area for Microsoft Dynamics GP
• Oracle Financials/E-Business Suite. I our opinion Oracle Applications should be competing freely with Microsoft and SAP ERP products. If you are large corporation – you should consider Oracle Financials and SAP R/3 as rich-functionality ERP prior to jumping to budget solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, or SAP Business One.
• C#/VB.Net consideration. In our opinion – if you consider Microsoft Dynamics GP development – Microsoft Dexterity – with Dexterity Source Code programming option is the best choice, however Microsoft will expose more programming options to C# and Visual Basic developers through XML web services. This should be considered as replacement to VBA/GP modifier development
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