Dream Vacation – Ferry To Sweden

Dream Vacation – Ferry To Sweden

Ferries are sea transport in the form of boat or ship that carries passengers, cargo and sometimes vehicles. It is a type of public transportation that has been around for centuries. It is a cheaper way to travel from one point to another, but lately a trip through a ferry is made not only for financial consideration but for leisure as well. Today’s ferries or cruise ships are more efficient and mostly built with the passenger’s convenience in mind, and some big ones can accommodate hundreds of passengers, baggage and vehicles in one time. Ferries usually operate on frequent return service. Ferry rides are a relaxing way to travel and to see the sights along the way. One of the world’s best ferry destinations is Sweden.

Sweden as a Dream Vacation Destination

Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries which are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and, of course, Sweden. Sweden’s three major cities are Stockholm which is the capital of the country, Gothenburg in the western coast, and Malmö down south.

Sweden is said to have more space to enjoy and relax than most other country. It is a place for people who love to be with nature to seek peace of mind to people who lives by adventure. A perfect vacation spot, Sweden boast of peaceful countryside, lakes and forest, a long coastline of islands good for water sports activities such as sailing and perfect Swedish mountains for skiing during winter. Sweden also has a lot to offer culture vultures and tourist with their rich culture. There are cathedrals and old houses and universities to visit, plus, a smorgasbord of food choices to fill the hungry traveler’s stomach. The cities have great pubs and clubs for younger travelers who wants to experience nightlife in Sweden. And there are shopping malls and souvenir shops for everyone to enjoy. Other places of interest are Esrange, a racket launching facility, Gotland, Sweden’s largest island and Kebnekaise, the country’s highest mountain.

There are just so much outdoor and recreational activities in Sweden, and it is also child-friendly that it has become an ideal family vacation destination. Truly, a trip to Sweden is a rejuvenating experience. But the best way to start the Swedish vacation is by riding a ferry to Sweden.

Riding a Ferry to Sweden

Sweden is a country that can be visited through a ferry from different parts of Europe. There are regular ferry rides from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, and United Kingdom. It has become very accessible for travelers and tourist to enjoy the natural beauty and distinct cultural heritage of Sweden. There are a number of sea transport companies that carries passengers, cargo and vehicles that offers regular trips to and from Sweden. Some of the popular ones are Stena Lines, Silja Lines, Birka Cruises, Tallink Lines, Viking Lines, Scandlines, and DFDS. There are ports in major cities of Sweden as well as in Varberg, Helsingborg, Trelleborg, Visby, Ystad among others. Travelers and tourist can book their ferry to Sweden trips through their local travel agents, but they can also conveniently book their travels through the internet.

A luxurious ferry to Sweden usually has suites for honeymooners or multi-cabin that is ideal for family or group of friends making a trip via a ferry an enjoyable experience.

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