Ebay – a good place to start making money online

Ebay – a good place to start making money online

On an average day, there are millions of items listed on eBay. People come to eBay to buy and sell items in thousands of categories from collectibles like trading cards, antiques, dolls, and house wares to practical items like used cars, clothing, books and CDs, and electronics. Buyers have the option to purchase items in an auction-style format or items can be purchased at a fixed price through a feature called Buy It Now.

People from all over the world buy and sell on eBay. Currently, eBay has local sites that serve Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In addition, eBay has a presence in Latin America through its investment MercadoLibre.com.

EBay offers a wide variety of educational tools, features, and services that enable members to buy and sell on the site quickly, safely, and conveniently. These services include online payments by Papal, tips on safe trading, and the Developers Program for community members who would like to develop their own technology solutions.

Here is an idea that can help you develop a successful on line business on eBay, even if you are not a marketing expert. You won’t compete with high-end sellers and you will be in full control of your products and listings. This approach refers to the idea of marketing product that you create. Yes, this is not a typo; you can be very successful by selling things that you produce on your own.

OK, you won’t be selling computers, but you can sell “how to” guides related to specific computer related items. The idea is to identify the domain in which you are well informed and able to create. Maybe you have an amazing garden and your gardening tips would sell like crazy if properly presented. Maybe you bake the best cookies in town, so why shouldn’t you make some money out of selling original recipes?

Maybe you’re not sure what you’re good at! Think about this: with what occasions do most people ask for your help? Maybe you fix the cars of your entire block – start writing an easy guide to auto repairs. Don’t go technical on your potential readers – just explain to them, in plain English, what they have to do and how they can do it best. Or maybe you can’t fix anything around you but you are good at comforting other people. Put that gift to good use and write an e-book entitled “50 Easy Steps to Success in Life”.

Before you do all of the above try to test the market, try to become part of it. Check out as much of the competition as you can and try to offer something slightly different. Let’s say there are 50 books on fly-fishing, write the 51st one from a different approach, use a different language, and incorporate unique ideas. It’s not easy, of course, as you might need to read the other 50 books just to see what has been left out.

After this you need to give your product an attractive shape, a good package or cover. Maybe you should start with something small, if you want to write a book about aliens try to start by creating a short story first. Test it, evaluate the results, eliminate the shortcomings and only then prepare the book. In the end it all comes down to how creative you allow yourself to be.

When starting your eBay business, you should bend over backwards to provide exceptional service. Remember, you are fishing for compliments. When you have a positive feedback rating over “100” bidders will look at your rating number and then make their decision on whether or not they like your product. If your feedback rating is less than a 100, people tend to actually look back through your comments and read them. Whether you are a new seller, or a veteran eBayer, building excellent feedback comments should be a daily goal. Things can start out with your own style in vending. The thriving business in eBay is really a lucrative market that can offer the best deals around the world.

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