Feeling Good

You don’t HAVE TO feel good all the time.

The point is to be FREE. 

Free to feel joy, sadness, fear, frustration, enthusiasm, boredom … adequately to the situation.

And learn how to express these feelings in a safe way.

Every time you cut yourself off from your emotions, automatically you cut yourself off from:

= yourself,

= your power,

= your body,

= the ability to protect yourself,

= the connection with others and the world.

Your emotions and feelings are your psychological immune system = your best protection.

Every feeling, every emotion gives you a super-important message about what is currently 

happening in you, in your relationship or in the situation you are in.

Don’t give up on it! 

Learn how to consciously use this profound protection.

💗 Mariola

The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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