Free Yourself from Being a Victim

Each of us has an inner Victim because it is impossible to be human and live our lives without ever being hurt.

The Victim – like all our inner aspects – is designed to protect us. How?
And why, so often, our Victim rather weakens and blocks us in our lives and becomes toxic?

I invite you to watch this video, especially now, because a crisis, like this current one, is triggering a Victim in us and it’s crucial to know how it works in your life.

In this video you’ll find:

1. What is the inner Victim and why everyone has it 
2. How the mature Victim can help and protect you
3. How the immature Victim limits you
4. How to make a switch from feeling victimized to feeling stronger and more compassionate
5. Why do we need an immature Victim

Let me know in the comments what one thing you take from this video to your life.

Thank you for watching.

Sunny greetings from Belgium ☀


The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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