How To Distinguish Between Mature And Immature Feelings

Your feelings & emotions work like the immune system in your body: they give you an immediate signal of what is currently going on in your psyche and in your life.

Therefore, if you stay in touch with your feelings, you’ll always be protected and confident in what you need to do.

Examples: anger shows you that you need to set boundaries.
Sadness that you’re just losing someone/ sth precious and you need time to mourn it and to say goodbye to it.
Joy is about being in balance and harmony with yourself and the world 🙂

But… there is more than that.

Besides the mature feelings that protect you, everyone has also the immature feelings that actually weaken us.

They diminish our power, weaken our health and complicate our relationships.

We feel it intuitively.

But most of us have great difficulty distinguishing between the mature and the immature anger.
Am I protecting myself or am I crossing the line?
Is it the mature joy or mania that contradicts the real situation?


  1. Three types of feelings: immature, mature, and repressed.
  2. How can you recognize the immature feelings in you and others?
  3. What’s the function of the immature feelings in your life?
  4. How can you recognize the mature feelings and what is their function?
  5. What to do with immature feelings.

Appreciate your feelings,

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