How To Navigate Anger

There is no one person who doesn’t feel anger.
The only question is: do they express their anger or not?

Anger belongs to the 7 basic emotions, apart from joy, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, and contempt, which have been recognized in every culture and time of history. These emotions have always served our physical survival.

All of us 😠 get angry.
On the other hand, there are many people who don’t actually feel it.
They don’t consciously feel their anger.

However, if we look at their bodies and their behavior, we will find symptoms and evidence of this emotion.

We live in a culture that forbids us to reveal and even feel anger and frustration from an early age. This ban applies to everyone: children, women, and men. In this sense, we are all equal here 😊

But the consequences of blocking our anger and expressing it passively are enormous.

We pay for it through burnout, physical illnesses, depression, fear, other mental difficulties, relationship problems, and blocking efficiency and creativity in our lives.


  1. About immature and the mature anger.
  2. Why do we need feelings and emotions?
  3. What is the role of anger in our lives?
  4. The three forms of each feeling.
  5. What is healing?
  6. Where does excessive anger come from – 4 reasons.
  7. How to deal with it.
  8. What happens when you don’t express your anger.
  9. Causes and consequences of this situation.
  10. How to change it.

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