If someone offered it to you…

…would you choose the role
of the Good Girl or the Good Boyas your way of life?

Focusing on fulfilling the expectations
of others so that they like and appreciate you,
so you can feel important
and not disappointing anyone,

at the same time giving up
your own feelings, needs and goals?

If you were making a conscious decision about your future life, would you choose
the role of the Victim for yourself?

Feeling helplessness, lack of capacity,
possibilities and tools to get off the ground and take positive action, and in this way
giving responsibility for your life to others?

Have you ever wanted to be
a Compulsive Controller?

A harsh Critic?

Or a bitter Perfectionist?


You would never consciously
choose this for yourself.

None of us will – consciously –
choose our deepest emotional programs.

This is our survival strategy,
which we choose UNCONSCIOUSLY,
as young children (0 – 6 years old).

We choose it without the knowledge
about the world, about relationships,
or even about ourselves that we have today
as adults.

We choose as completely defenseless and dependent beings who only want to…
be loved and belong to someone.

Who just needs to feel safe.

Most often, we choose these programs
by copying our loved ones.

Or by adjusting emotionally
to the expectations of the environment.

Now you actually have a choice:

you can still blame, criticize,
punish yourself and run away
from the truth about how you operate …


you can use this new knowledge,
to choose consciously
who you want to be in your life.

I’m not saying it’s easy
and it will happen immediately.

I’m saying:
upon this choice depends
your future life.

What are you choosing now?


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