Indonesia travel

Indonesia travel

Indonesia never runs short of places to explore. The country’s 17,508 islands lying astride the equator would need you to travel by inter-island ferries to reach other islands that offer their own distinct traditions and cultures. The biggest island in Indonesia is the Java Island where also the nation’s capital, Jakarta, sits. Indonesia travel leads you to picturesque destinations whether you go for nature trekking near volcanoes, temples, or frolic in crystal clear waters of Indonesia’s beaches.

Begin your Indonesia travel by touring around Jakarta to shop for necessities you need to bring along in the tours that would follow, or enjoy the amenities and warm accommodations of economy or five star hotels. You’ll also find Indonesia travel information in many places in Jakarta, or in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, which by the way serves an increasing number of flights both international and domestic. Jakarta, in itself is a city of extremes. Modernity intertwines with a rich traditional culture, or witness the contrast of the haves and have-nots within this bustling metropolis.

Your next Indonesia travel would perhaps lead you to Central Java, considered also the center of Moslem religion, being the birthplace of the Moslem kingdom of the entire island in 1511, in Demak. Today, Demak is a quiet little town although some relics of the old culture remain preserved like the Grand Mosque, which gives the impression of Hindu and Islamic architecture blended together. East Java offers you breathtaking mountain sceneries and a good view of Mount Bromo, Melirang the “sulfur mountain”, and the rugged plateau of Lien. The island of Java has excellent means of communication as well as handcrafted souvenirs like the famous batik, jewelry, and leather works.

Meanwhile, for visitors coming from temperate regions, Indonesia travel is quite a break from the cold or winter breezes. The tropical climate constantly breathes humid weather (humidity ranges from 69-95%) and sunshine all year round even during the Wet season from November to April (note that there are only two seasons in Indonesia) while the dry season, from May to October, are hot.

One important Indonesia travel advisory for visitors is to prepare Visas and Passports valid for a minimum of six months. Visas, however are not required for nationals coming from Austria, Australia, Brunei, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Greece, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Luxembourg, Japan, Malta, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the Philippines, Norway, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, and West Germany.

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