Kortrijk Tourist Information

Kortrijk Tourist Information

Kortrijk, also referred to as Courtrai, is a historical city situated in West Flanders in Belgium. Positioned on the Lys River, Kortrijk was first established by the Romans under the name of Cortoriacum. Possessing a population of over 70, 000 individuals, Kortrijk remains a thriving city: one that is surrounded by many other famous locations, tourist attractions, and popular cities in Belgium. The cities nearest to Kortrijk include Halluin, Menen, Neuville-en-Ferrain, Roncq and Wevelgem, and travellers staying in Kortrijk, will therefore find the attractions in such cities easily accessible during their stay in Belgium. Other popular cities nearby Kortrijk include Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Mechelen, Mons, Namur and Ostend.

Famed for its textile manufacturing, Kortrijk started producing both lace and linen as early as the fourteenth century. Tourists will find that Kortrijk is home to a number of spinning and finishing mills, and the Battle of the Golden Spurs actually took place very nearby historic Kortrijk, and the city has established a memorial for the battle in 1906 called the Groeningstraat, just east of the Grote Markt.

Places of interest:

The Municipal Museum of Fine Arts in Kortrijk, also known as the Stedelijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, is home to one of the finest art galleries in Belgium. The museum holds the extraordinary paintings of the sixteenth century painter, Roeland Savery, as well as the extraordinary works of other painters; a number of archaeological artifacts, ceramics, porcelain, pottery and, because the museum is housed in a seventeenth century patrician house, travellers get the opportunity to enjoy the astounding beauty of Renaissance architecture. The museum is open Saturday through Thursday and is closed on Fridays and special holidays.

Situated in the heart of Kortrijk, tourists will find the Grote Markt, a popular Kortrijk tourist attraction. Within the Grote Markt, tourists can see the World War I memorial, the ruins of the clothes hall, the Grote Markt Belfry, first built in 1307. Additionally, the official town hall of Kortrijk, the stadhuis was built around 1420, still possesses some of its original Gothic architecture and travellers can view the myriad craved statues throughout the building. Finally, if tourists possess an affinity for architecture, while staying in Kortrijk they can view the two large towers that form the Broeltorens: fortification towers established in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Things to do:

Guests in Kortrijk can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the River Lys or they can enjoy the many sites that a historic city like Kortrijk has to offer. Typically tourists rave about the architecture in Kortrijk. Visits can see the Menin Gate, established in 1927; a memorial for the British soldiers who lost their lives in World War I and the Church of Our Lady is just a stroll away from the Broeltowers, a short distance from Grand Place. Outside the Church of Our Lady, the ruins of the original castle that once enclosed the church still remain and the church is the oldest building in the city of Kortrijk. Further, a highlight found in the Church of Our Lady is that site seers can view paintings of all the former rulers of Flanders. Meanwhile, buildings like the Palace of Justice offer a striking contrast in terms of architecture, giving the city of Kortrijk an equally modern appeal.

Food & Drink:

For those tourists looking to get a cultural taste of Belgium’s finest foods, the most popular specialties ordered among dining tourists in Belgium are Endives with Béchamel Sauce, Ardennes Sausages and ham, Belgian Waffles, Mussels and chips, and of course, the favorite traveling treats are Belgium chocolates. While visiting Belgium, tourist may also want to try some of the world-famous beer that Belgium offers: over 400 different brews of Belgium’s famous beer are available, including fruit bear, Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden, and Duvel, among many.

The Café Rouge-Kortrijk requires no reservations in advance, and has everything a hungry tourist desires. Further, the Café Rouge-Kortrijk possesses ultra modern architecture, its décor is one of sophistication and it is famed for its tea, served with a side of cake and chocolates. Diners have the option of trying fondue, flavored potato chips, soups, salads, waffles served with fresh fruit, and crème brulee, among other fine dining options.

Alternatively, in nearby Wevelgem, tourists can dine at Biggles, a restaurant revered for their fine service and friendly atmosphere, or the La Dolce Vita, at Stationsstraat 10 near the railway station, an Italian restaurant offering pizza and tagliatelli, among other fine dishes. Finally, travellers can enjoy fine wine in almost any of the cafes in Belgium, as many of the sites have a license to sell spirits.

Hotels & Accommodation:

Center Hotel
Bed & Breakfast Full House
Kennedy Hotel
Best Western Hotel Belfort

The nightlife in Kortrijk offers much to the traveler looking for adult fun and entertainment. Further, while staying in Kortrijk, guests will have accesses to unlimited recreational facilities. Nearby Brussels is home to ten theaters, cinemas, discos, and entertaining clubs like the Le Fuse, Les Jeux d’Hiver and The Music Village.

Kortrijk offers more than fine accommodations, dining, as it offers easy accessibility to site seeing adventures. For instance, while visiting the Castle’t Hoge, tourists can bask in the beauty of the International Rose Garden. The Castle’t Hoge demands no entry fee and families can spend the day enjoying the scenic view. Travellers can also relax at any number of the cafes and pubs located in the Grand Place, Kortrijk. Again, many of the pubs offer the national drink of Belgium, beer, and there are over 400 fine varieties to choose from.

All of the sites in Kortrijk are easily accessible. Travellers can visit tourist attractions via rental cars or they can travel by train to other major cities in Belgium. Meanwhile, some tourists choose to cycle along the Lys River and to take in the fresh air and gorgeous view. Essentially, no matter what form of transportation tourists utilize, they will find an extraordinary abundance of things to do, see and enjoy while staying in Kortrijk, Belgium.

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