Le Bar à Jeux

At every beer festival you’ll find them: groups of friends playing a card or board game, while sipping on the available beers. That means there’s clearly some overlap between gamers and craft beer lovers, and for them there is Le Bar à Jeux! An excellent selection of beers, combined with a huge library of games to play, makes it easy to spend quite a bit of time there without even noticing. And when the rumbling of the stomach draws attention to the passing of the hours, there is some food available as well to keep you going!

There’s no need to wait until beer o’clock at Le Bar à Jeux, since you can start off with some coffee by the local Wide Awake coffee roasters, or one of the naturally fermented drinks by L’Annexe. Some might not even stay for a drink though, since the first part of the ‘bar’ is actually a shop, the shelves stocked with games still in their sealed boxes.

In the second part however, facing the bar, you’ll find the games to play straight away. For a flat fee of €4, you can play for as long as you want, as many games as you want! And then you might want a beer with that…

There are just two beers on draught—from a Lindr tap like you often see at beer festivals—but they’ll be local, as will be a large part of the impressive bottle and can list. Not very local, but a very pleasant surprise, are the beers by the London brewery The Kernel!


As mentioned, there is some food available as well. Of course there’s the omnipresent chess platter, artisanal dry sausages, and there are crisps and wasabi nuts. Far less common bar food here, are the gyōza, available with pork, duck, vegetable stuffing, or in a combination of your choice! Of course we had to try them, and we loved them! An advantage over the other bar snacks: eating with chopsticks keeps your fingers clean while handling playing cards or game pieces! For the sweet tooth, there are cookies and ice creams available.

Wether you’re a gamer or not—and if you’re not, they’ll be happy to explain the rules of a game to you—Le Bar à Jeux is worth a visit. So if you find yourself arriving at Dynamo a bit too early, just cross the street and roll a dice!



  • 2 local beers on draught
  • A surprisingly large selection of cans and bottles!
    • De la Senne, La Source, La Mule, Fugu, The Kernel (!), Tilquin, Minne, Sacrilège…


  • Gyōza
    • Pork, duck, vegetables
  • Sausage, cheeses, crisps, wasabi nuts…
  • Cookies & ice cream!

Le Bar à jeux
Chaussée d’Alsembergsesteenweg 136
1060 Saint-Gilles


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