My personal AW20 wishlist

How time flies! We’re halfway September already, and I’m in full on prep mode for a fashionable Fall. Curious to see what’s on my wishlist for the season?

Obviously there will be plenty of coats & shoes, but you might be surprised by some other pieces on my wishlist! Start scrolling away, and let me know if we’ll be twinning this Autumn 🙂


  1. The leather blazer

Kicking off with an investment piece right away! A classic black blazer is one thing, but a classic leather blazer is definitely something else. It’s more of a statement piece: it adds an edgy touch but still keeps things timeless. This one in particular has the perfect fit for me — oversized, not too fitted at the waist and long enough to cover my bootay.

Find it here!

2. The fluffy slippers

This one might not be for everyone, but I’ve actually been looking for a pair of these for a while now. I actually used to have a pair of fluffy slippers a few years ago but I totally worn them apart. And it seems like this might be the season I’ll be able to find the perfect replacement pair! Should I go for sheep or fluffy though?

Find the sheep ones here and the fluffy ones here!

3. The satin skirt

I do love a good satin skirt, especially for Autumn coming up. Pair with a cozy knit and sneakers or boots — yes please! During Summer I’d wear this sort of skirt with simple slippers and a crop top. Plenty outfit ideas, but I just haven’t found the ultimate silk skirt yet! Most of these pieces have zippers on the side or have pleats for example, which I find not ideal for my figure. But looks like I bumped into a shape that would probably suit me very well!

Find the skirt here or here!

4. Oversized sweat

Okay, confession. I already own a pair of these large Ulla sweats by Belgian brand Âme Antwerp. The fabric is so soft it’s almost unreal — you just can’t compare this with any highstreet sweat. Thing is, I love them so much that I want them in another colour too! I’ve spotted a milk white version on their Instagram a while ago and now I’m crossing my fingers it will come back in stock soon… In the meantime, do check out the taupe version I have, or the classic light grey or charcoal one. Ah, a girl can dream!

Find the sweat here!

5. Overknee boots

Another classic piece that’s probably on many wishlists for this season. I do have a fabulous pair of overknee boots, but they are high-heeled. Perfect for those Winter night outs, but not so perfect to conquer long walks in the city in bad weather. That means I’ve been looking for a flat pair of overknee boots for a few years now. I’m specifically looking for a very chunky sole but slim fitting calves, and I thinkkkkk I finally found a suiting pair!

Find the boots here!

6. The colourful vest

Instagram is literally COVERED in these — you just can’t have missed this trend! The Scandi girls that usually inspire me are wearing this coloured vest on top of a girly dress, or with denim and lots of chunky jewelry. This piece is such a great transitional item that you can carry with you to throw on top of any simple outfit whenever it gets chilly. I already have a black one that I love, but I wouldn’t mind a happy colourful one for those grey days…

Find the vest on the left here and the one on the right here!

7. The quilted jacket

Another item you might have already spotted on Instagram: the quilted jacket. Nope, it’s no longer just for horse riding and it’s also no longer just for men! The quilted jacket is making its way into other closets too and I’m not hating it. I particularly love a very long, almost bomber jacket kind of version, but I think a quirky cropped one would fit my own wardrobe even better. Hurray for fresh new colours too! This beige, milk white-ish one is looking SO classy.

Find the jacket here!

8. The chunky loafers

More shoes! Another pair I’ve been looking for for many seasons already: cool chunky loafers. For some reason those super classy, fragile loafers just look weird on me, so give me the CHUNKINESS. Big sole, cool edge. I recently spotted these ones and I love the idea of the two colours combined here. Works so well with my usual Autumn colour palette!

Find the loafers here!

9. The XL puffer tote

Ouh ouh! Here’s another favourite! (Wait, this is a list of favourites. Literally my wishlist. I want everything, so everything is a favourite.) A few weeks ago I spotted a huge puffer tote in mint on my friend Justine and now I can’t get it out of my head… I’d probably opt for a black or beige one that fits most of my wardrobe throughout the different seasons. But seriously, this puffer bag doubles as weekend tote, pillow-to-go and keeper of my entire life basically. Yes please!

Find the left tote here and the right one here.

10. The wide black pantalon

Have you noticed some important essentials in my wishlist yet? I’m trying to collect all of the ultimate musthaves so getting dressed in the morning gets way easier. FYI: I already have lots of perfect essentials, the only problem is that my weight has been fluctuating a lot this year (hormonal stuff) so I unfortunately don’t fit in a lot of my fave clothes at the moment. Back to the essentials then! Very high on my wishlist: wide black trousers. Because they go with everything. Haven’t found my perfect fit yet, but will definitely go try these ones on!

Find the pantalon here.

11. The bling buttoned top

Oops, forget what I said about the basics! 😉 Even though I’m not a strass girl at all, I kinda fell in love with the whole bling button idea… Think cozy top, like this polo shirt, getting all glammed up because of the shiny buttons! These kind of pieces are perfect to wear from day to night. No need to change outfits if you have to run from work to a dinner party! Ah, how I love lazy clothing. Oh, and I spotted a beautiful bling buttoned cardigan too, if you’d be interested…

Find the top here!

12. The XL puffer coat

Last Winter I have realized that I simply prefer puffer over anything else as soon as the temperatures drop. I just want to wrap myself in a giant duvet and live happily ever after in my extremely warm puffer burrito. I already have a long black puffer coat but I intend to replace it by one of superior quality, a real investment one. The Re:Down collections by Arket are all created with recycled materials and they offer super lightweight protection and insane insulation from the cold. So great technology, great looks, great warmth. Yes please!

Find the puffer (and more!) here.

That’s my current wishlist for the season, you guys! Any pieces that pop up on your list as well? Or any other items you’ll be chasing in the next few months? Let me know in the comments! ♥

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