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A Syrian restaurant wouldn’t be the first place we’d look for beer. However, after spotting L’Ermitage branded parasols outside one of the restaurants of My Tannour, we had to put it on the list for a visit. When we then went for lunch in their Rue de la Brasserie outlet, a selection of their beers was indeed available to enjoy with our lamb wrap and falafel dish!

Calling the bread at My Tannour just a ‘wrap’ actually doesn’t really do it justice. The flatbread is baked on-site in a tannour—hence the name of the restaurant—a vase-shaped clay oven, built into the countertop. You might know this type of oven better as a tandoor, used in Indian cuisine as well. Basically anything—lamb, beef, chicken, falafel, or halloumi—can be ordered either wrapped in a flatbread like this, or just on a plate with all the trimmings, like salads, freekeh, hummus, pomegranate seeds, a sauce of choice, and yes, even some of this delicious bread.

Most of those things can also be ordered as a separate side, in case you prefer the wrap, but still want something extra. One side you should definitely order, is the spiced fries, with one of the homemade sauces! Eating at My Tannour would be way too healthy if you didn’t!

Speaking of sauces: the only downside we found, is that even when eating in, the sauces were served in a little, disposable, plastic tub. And that while they use cardboard and—even better—metal ones in the menu photos on their website!


As mentioned, what drew us in was the promise of local beer, L’Ermitage in this case. Indeed, on the top shelf of the drinks fridge, we found cans of their Lanterne, Théorème de l’Empereur, and Soleil.

Unfortunately we missed out—by more than a year—on Teta, a pomegranate pale ale brewed especially for My Tannour… Maybe it will come back one day?

But don’t wait until that happens to give My Tannour a try, the dishes alone are already worth seeking out one of their restaurants in Brussels!



  • A selection of canned beers by L’Ermitage


  • Syrian food—lamb, beef, chicken, falafel, or halloumi—wrapped in freshly made flatbread, of as a dish with all the trimmings
  • Spiced fries!

My Tannour
Brouwerijstraat 98 Rue de la Brasserie
1050 Elsene
+32 471 45 16 00

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