Our rooftop terrace: before & after!

Temperatures are reaching up to 25° today, and from this week on we can FINALLY fully enjoy our rooftop terrace for the first time in two years. Yup, our big project is finished! Curious?

If you haven’t seen my intro post on this one, I do totally recommend! You can find my little sun deck moodboard here & a quick explanation on what kind of furniture we picked and why.

If you’re all catched up on reading, you now know I wanted to go for a Modern Mediterranean look! I love a warm, exotic feeling and definitely a touch of rotan, but at the same time I wanted to keep things pretty toned down and clean. A peaceful and luxurious little city escape, really!

For this exciting project, I got the help of interior designer Anouk Taeymans! In the light of these weird times for self-employed creatives, I offered to give her (with all of her interior knowledge and master skills) a voice through my platforms by letting her take over the entire project.

Basically I gave Anouk the freedom to pick out ALL the furniture and styling accessories for our terrace. Wowza.

I’m usually extremely picky regarding every piece that enters my house, but I knew Anouk could be trusted! Her own house, her styling jobs and her carefully assembled interior webshop say it all: great taste.

Curious to see what Anouk did with our terrace? With Belgian brands only? Go check out the before/after pictures below!

I seriously cannot BELIEVE this is our place! 🙂 It just looks so inviting and peaceful — the result is way more overwhelming than I could ever have imagined. If you’re loving the end result too, let’s screen all pieces in detail!

A few weeks ago, you might have seen my Instagram story in which I showed you a few different lounge sofas from Belgian luxury outdoor brand Royal Botania. Remember? Most of you loved the very sleek square corner one (which is totally understandable), but Anouk and I were just SMITTEN by the one with the round shapes. Annnnd you can see what she decided upon…

The Organix lounge sofa turned to be out an absolute dream piece, an elegant showstopper — even for a smaller city terrace!

What surprised me most, is that the organic shape instantly softens the very square sundeck itself and the colour block we painted. It’s such a unique, new and natural shape for outdoor furniture really — I haven’t seen this anywhere else!

Another huge plus is the high-quality fabric: because of the innovative way Royal Botania treats their woven fabrics, they are protected from elements such as rain or dew. That’s right, the cushions are water- and UV resistant! The latter is pretty important too in our case, as the sofa is standing in a sun-drenched spot. It looks and feels like a regular indoor sofa, but it’s absolutely perfect for outside!

If we then take a look at the other side of the terrace, we see… Modern Mediterranean indeed!

In a city you’ll always have certain facade views, and usually they look pretty scruffy. However, I think that fits the nonchalant, mediterranean vibe really well! On top of that, our olive tree offers the smaller side of the Organix sofa some much-needed shade during the hottest time of the day, creating playful patterns on the minimalist fabric ♥ Such a joy to look at!

The matching low side table beautifully blends into the Organix’ shape as if it were attached to it. Even though the table top is made from heavy Italian stone, the piece looks very light and delicate, don’t you think?

Colour-wise, you can see that we kept things very toned down on this side. All shades of grey (that cute vase! that fruit plate!) are taking over here, except for one coloured ceramic pot. Did I mention that all accessories displayed here are actually Belgian craftswork too? Insane!

And then finally, the ‘shorter’ side of the terrace!

We don’t have a lot of space in these corners and we also have to think about the neighbour’s terraces, as large furniture would take away their sunlight too much. Anouk suggested that a butterfly chair would look really cool and especially light together with the Organix sofa! The warm combo of the grey and rusty pots complements the chair very well.

I also love the unexpected glossy peach colour pop! That funky vase is definitely one of a kind — it doesn’t even need a flower to shine.

The other corner lends itself perfectly for that extra mediterranean touch: a citrus tree! And even more cute pots! And an incredible stone floor lamp I was pretty amazed by myself. Again, this one is a great example of outstanding Belgian design.

A last important change is one that you can’t really see in all pictures (I suggest you scroll down for a better view), but Anouk showed us some really lovely rectangular flower pots to put behind the sofa!

I loved the idea of having a natural fence: think tall ornamental grasses and flowers that wave beautifully in the wind. Sounds romantic, right?

Plus, they are great for extra privacy! We’ve planted the grasses only a week ago so we’ll have to wait a few more months before they’ll be fully grown and visible behind the sofa. I’ll obviously update you on these beauties too.

Now, how about some more pictures? I mean, why not? 🙂

Massive thanks to my godmother too, who helped me pick every single plant on our terrace! Quite the job, but so worth diving into The Big Outdoor Plant World 🙂 Really happy with how it turned out ♥

Now, if you’re looking for some of the styling pieces that were shown here, I’ll list the webshop links to all of the items one last time:

  • Organix rounded sofa by Royal Botania
  • Grey rectangular plant pots
  • Grey round plant pots in different sizes
  • Rust plant pots in different sizes (indoor)
  • Dark grey two-story side table
  • Ceramic fruit plate
  • Ceramic vase (fun shape)
  • Peach-coloured round vase
  • Butterfly chair
  • Floor lamp

Super curious to hear what you think of the final result! We personally think Anouk did a GREAT job styling our terrace — we could never ever have created this incredible sun deck all by ourselves ♥

Created in collaboration with Royal Botania and Anouk Taeymans. Some pieces were gifted, some were loaned for styling purposes. Might have to buy all of them now, because it just looks too great 🙂

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