Stay blurry, kids

And all of a sudden, 2 years have passed and you randomly end up on your own good old blog again.

Traditionally, January is my calmest month of the year — or perhaps ‘blurry’ is a better description. It’s that well-known Twilight zone after the holidays in which (my) work hasn’t fully restarted yet and time seems to be slowed down. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that during this month I, blurrily, wandered away from too many 2sec TikTok videos and suddenly ended up here again. Oh, hello.

Over the years my January’s have looked quite similar: a brain-fogged cocktail of vaguely overthinking everything I do and, at the same time, a renewed motivation to enthusiastically kick off the new year and new projects. This combo generally brings even more confusion, until new things actually kick off and I get sucked into the treadmill of life again. Without fully realizing, of course.

I’ve tried to resist, though! I’ve taken action!

One year I did an Instagram detox for a full month, another year I went to see a life & career coach to really turn inwards. I can 10/10 recommend all of these wonderful things; run don’t walk — seriously. However, I feel that yet again I’ve arrived in another same old January situation.

And maybe all I can do this year, is write it down.

Because for once I seem to allow myself to be blurry, to stay in and do nothing, to just sit with my thoughts and let them be. Even share them with you — phew! But for that I had to run (don’t walk) from Instagram and TikTok and come back to my solid base, my own little online space. Homecoming!

So, I’m curious, is there still anyone out here feeling the same feels? Or am I just echoing into an empty webpage here? The latter would secretly feel …sort of exciting!

A fine reminder of the good old 2009 days when I was a teenager sharing low-quality outfit shots and fashion collection reports on this blog I started, with no one to read, no one to give fucks. A secret (yet very public ofcourse) diary to jot down unimportant stuff, random thoughts, organic inspiration… in more than 2200 characters. Some good old, blissfull times!

However, if you are still here, wandering around in that same January Twilight zone, do let me know! We can sit in thoughts together.

Or perhaps you could even share what you think about (oh god) an occasional *blogpost* again now and then? Or a newsletter maybe? Anything really that’s not as fleeting as an Instagram story?

Either way, stay blurry, kids! And enjoy January — or not ♥

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