The clutch bag: wear from day to night

One clutch bag, two outfits, three ways of wearing. No need to say more: click through and see!

Today we’re talking bags; clutches in particular! And honestly, I’m not a big fan. What I usually dislike about clutches it that they’re, well, merely clutches. You can only wear them to fancy occasions — unless you enjoy carrying groceries with your belongings clumsily tucked under your arm, that is…

No can do! By now you know that I like a big chunk of my wardrobe to be practical, and Antwerp-based bag brand KAAI completely agrees with me. They create stylish yet very practical handbags for women on the go. And guess what type of bag they just added to their collection?

Meet the Ikon clutch! As you can imagine, this clutch isn’t just a clutch.

After all, the ladies at KAAI are known for their innovative, versatile designs! They cleverly added a removable short and long strap, so you can easily transform the clutch into a shoulder bag into a crossbody bag — whatever fits your mood, outfit and daily schedule. You can quickly switch to one of the different straps, or store one inside the bag if you want to turn it into a strapless bag! The system is solid & easy; do check out the KAAI blog to see how you switch the straps!

To show you how versatile this beautiful little clutch is, I created two very different outfits with it for very different occasions. Let’s kick off with a casual daytime look!


During the day I of course prefer wearing my clutch with the short or long strap, simply because I need my hands for carrying all sorts of stuff (coffee, groceries, the weight of the world etc).

The strapless version can be handy too in daily life: sometimes I just carry the clutch in one of my huge tote bags when I’m toting (hah) around a lot of styling for a shoot! Just to keep all the important stuff together, you know.

Let me show you all 3 versions of wearing the Ikon clutch below! Oh, and keep an eye on that matching card holder too…


Off to an afterwork drink (soon, hopefully) straight after your business hours? Time to switch up your straps! For actual parties I prefer to wear the clutch with the shorter strap or with no strap at all. However, the longer strap is much recommended when you like to keep your glass of bubbles and your phone close. No need to balance your little clutch bag under your elbow — just swing it cross-body!

The croco design is of course a showstopper for any festive look, and is in my opinion truly versatile. A party bag can be fun and crazy, but shouldn’t be too extravagant: I want it to be a piece I can wear with ALL of my festive outfits, and most definitely for a lot of years to come. So yes, the texture stands out, but the use of 1 colour only gives it a very elegant, timeless feel.

Oh and obviously, there are so many more hues to choose from! I personally love the stone white and the turqoise ones (cool for Summer!) but you should totally check out all the available colours. Belieeeeeeve me.

Now, here’s me showing off all 3 ways of wearing the clutch bag with a flowy satin look for the holidays!

Article created in collaboration with high-quality Belgian brand KAAI. Shop the label online or go try them first in their beautiful Antwerp boutique once the stores open again.

What do you say? Are you LOVING the 3-ways-of-wearing idea as much as I do? And what’s your favourite colour for this clutch bag? Let me know in the comments! ♥

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