The Mature & Immature Lover

• defines him- or herself by relationships,
• wants to be liked and loved by everybody,
• cannot stand being alone,
• very emotional, sometimes unstable, even dramatic,
• needs a romance or flirt to constantly feel attractive,
• compromises his or her integrity in order to belong to someone or sth,
• very much concerned and dependent on his or her physical appearance,
• love for a person or a passion is like an obsession or an addiction,
• can even destroy him- or herself,
• their self-esteem is conditioned by love and appreciation of others,
• their biggest fear is to be lonely.

• truly loves and cares about others and themselves,
• feels at ease with everyone,
• emanates loving, warm, and kind energy that naturally makes people gravitate toward them,
• makes others open and blossom in their presence,
• master of feelings and emotions,
• has the ability to build happy, deep, committed and long-term relationships,
• as well as short-term, positive relations,
• charming, flirting and attractive no matter their gender, age, or physical outlook,
• engaged and passionate in everything they do, from small things to big projects, professionally or privately,
• successful in any profession or business because always they put relationships with people first,
• in love with the world, fully engaging from moment to moment, leading a deep and fulfilling life.

Which characteristics of the Lover do you recognize in yourself?
Just a reminder: the Immature Lover shows you the path to the Mature One.

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