The Mature & Immature Victim

The Immature Victim:
• is about feeling hurt, loss and humiliation,
• but never letting go of past suffering,
• doesn’t want any solution,
• just to tell their story,
• and be listened to, justified and validated,
• feels powerless, hopeless and incapable,
• therefore, gives up the responsibility of their lives to others,
• needs to blame someone or something,
• looks for justice or revenge,
• feels entitled for special treatment and privileges,
• has unprocessed anger, resentment and rage.

The Mature Victim:
• helps recognizing and processing hurt, loss and humiliation,
• by expressing and releasing pain, suffering, anger, helplessness,
• initiates necessary healing process,
• empowers you by integrating and transforming hurt,
• allows forgiveness and making amend with the past,
• frees you from your story,
• develops compassion towards yourself and others,
• prevents you from victimizing others.

Everyone has both: the immature and the mature Victim.

Listen to your immature one.

But then ask the mature Victim to lead the process of healing and reconciliation.

This truly activates your power.

Just ask yourself as often as possible:
what can I heal myself?

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