The People Pleaser

You perfectly recognize the moods and feelings of others and cannot rest until everyone around you is feeling well.

You offer help, time, and attention to others, and at the same time feel lonely yourself.

You struggle to say „no” and set boundaries for people. When you do that, you feel guilty.

Your life is subordinated to the problems, needs, ambitions, and decisions of others.

The wishes of others are an order for you. Even the unspoken ones.

Your self-esteem depends on the approval and opinions of other people.

You feel overburdened with responsibility for others.

You are an empath. You easily take over the feelings of people around you and therefore you live under constant stress.

You have big difficulties expressing your own feelings. You’re afraid of hurting others.

You feel frustrated, angry and helpless because you’re not getting what you give to others.

Your own needs, feelings and goals always come last. Often you even forget you have them at all.

Do you recognize yourself in this description?

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