The Saboteur says: “I’ll try…”

One of the most common strategies of the inner Saboteur which looks so innocent 🙂 is: I will try.

I’ll try:

  • to change jobs,
  • to find new customers,
  • to start a new relationship with a new partner,
  • to exercise regularly,
  • to start a business,
  • to take up coaching, psychotherapy …

Please: don’t try.

Trying doesn’t work!

Trying is your Saboteur’s strategy:

“I’ll see how it develops” …

„I’ll see how the other person will get involved” …

„I’ll see how coaching, a new job, this diet will work for me” …


Trying is the illusion that you are getting involved and you act. 

But you don’t!


Consequently: you don’t live, you are just trying to live.

You don’t act, you just drift where the current situation takes you.

You don’t get involved, you just let others, fate, coincidence … decide for you.


If you really care about something then get involved 100%!

Promise yourself that you will do anything you can and spend all the time necessary to create a dream relationship.

Build a successful business.

Free yourself from fears and blockages.

Live healthily.

Fix your finances.

Build a bond with your child …

Your life is priceless.


Clarification comes from commitment and action.

Only when you are fully committed you can be sure that this partner, this job, this business, this place … is for you.

Otherwise, you wander aimlessly wasting your time, energy, money, and self-esteem.

And you can try a new flavor of ice cream or coffee 🙂


Speak soon 🙂

💗 Mariola

The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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