The Saboteur says: “It’s not that bad…”

„We get along in daily life”.

„This will pass when the stress is over”.

„She/he is a good person”.

„It’ll solve itself somehow.”

„This job pays my bills …”

What’s the difference between
Truth and rationalization?

The truth comes in an instant:

I don’t love her/him.

I cannot stand it anymore.

I’m addicted.

I do love her/him.

She/he won’t change.

It’s time to go …

One flash.



No drama.

No doubt.

Insight forever.

Feeling in the body.

The truth is not about:

What’s convenient.

What will others say.

What the payoff is.

If you have time for it.

If you’re ready…

The truth is about:

What’s in tune with yourself.

What empowers and evolves you.

What gives you the deepest fulfillment.

How can you serve others fully.

How can you be free.

The truth is revealed in one moment.

And then the mind turns on
and begins to process it,
analyze it,
calculate it,
trigger fear,
and use rationalization…

Rationalization is:

a protective reaction of the mind,

to soothe remorse,

to maintain a positive self-image,

looking for logical arguments to justify your action or the lack of it,

to present the situation as more attractive than it is,

a self-deception.

Why are we rationalizing?
Because we’re afraid
of the consequences
of decisions based on Truth.

That is, losing what I have now.
Familiar is safe.

And the Saboteur will do anything
to keep you safe …

What can you do?




Your Truth –
if you remain faithful to it –
will guide you and protect you.

Do you want to trust your Truth,
and start living according to it,
but don’t know how –
I can help you with that.

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