Things To Do In Belgium

Things To Do In Belgium

Even though Belgium is smaller than many other countries you can visit, it is filled with activities, restaurants, and much more. Getting from place to another is easy for travellers in Belgium because the towns are close together. There are trains and buses that will take you where you want to go. Whether it is Antwerp to see one of the largest collections of diamonds, or to Ghent to visit botanical gardens and visit castles. Brussels, the capital of Belgium is another fascinating city you should visit when you are travelling.

Many people visit Belgium for the food as much as for the countries two diverse cultures. In Belgium, people either speak Dutch or French depending on which part of Belgium you want to visit. Food and drink come in all forms. If you enjoy tasting home brewed beer, then Belgium is a great place to start. There are many breweries and pubs that you can visit during your stay. Chocolate is also a tourist attraction for many people. There are also many restaurants, cafés, and small inns where you will find fresh seafood, potato dishes, and much more.

Some of the more popular tourist attractions include: The Atomium, which is a life size model of an atom. Featured in the 1958 Science Expo, you can walk around inside the atom. It contains restaurants and beautiful views of Brussels. Another attraction is the The Grand Place, which is a town square that is home to markets, people, and history. The Manneken Pis, which is a famous statue of a small boy peeing is another attraction that people enjoy seeing.

These attractions are very easy to get to and are open during the day and in the evening. You should make a list of attractions that you want to see before taking your trip. You will be able to modify the list later if you need to.

Belgium also has a lot of interesting architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. You will be able to visit castles, small villages and towns that have a lot of history. Visit popular town centers, halls, and museums that pay homage to artists and other creative people. Belgium is home to many who have contributed to art, music, and literature.

While in Belgium, you will be able to take day trips to London and other cities. Staying in Belgium is less expensive than staying in other cities, so you will be saving money while being able to see more of Europe. People who visit Belgium are not looking for thrills, they are looking to relax and enjoy the people they meet in small towns along the way. If you want to go on vacation to relax in a slow paced atmosphere, then a trip to Belgium is one vacation you should look into.

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