Top Accordion Players

Top Accordion Players

Are you a professional event planner or a consultant who books two or more events per year? Or, are you one of those who enjoy listening to the accordion music with a popular accordion player playing it? Well, if your answer is affirmative to any of those questions, I think it is best for you to know first about certain accordion players who can give you the fun and excitement you want most. I have mentioned a few of them here.

Classical Accordion Players

* Teodoro Anzellotti – is among the best classical accordion players in the world. The repertoire of this man ranges from the Baroque to composers like Berio and Kagel or Erik Satie. Anzelloti also teaches among others at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Biel in Switzerland.
* Kallis Bengtsson – is a classical accordion player from Visby, Sweden. He is now currently living in Goteborg and he has performed solo concerts throughout Sweden and Europe. He had in fact been featured in a number of radio and television recordings, and now he has founded a private music school in Goteborg, which offers classes in accordion and piano. Bengtsson is also a composer.

Jazz and Avant-Garde

* Amy Denio – is an avant-garde composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who played in the second Accordion Tribe tour. She is now based in Seattle.
* Bob Goldberg – is one of the best accordion players from New York who plays in the Brooklyn Academy of Noise Radio Orchestra, as well as in Le Nozze di Carlo.
* Kurt Larsen – is a professional accordionist from Denmark who plays mainly jazz. He also plays and has recorded other genres, like the Danish children’s songs, and Danish evergreen and musette.


* Casey Admiraal – is one of the best accordion players and organists who was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is now settling in Vancouver, Canada, and over the years he has played at a number of weddings. He also played Pipe Organ in Church services, weddings, and funerals for many years. Admiraal had recorded someCDs in 2002, amongst which one with accordion classics.
* Hugh Barwell – is an accordion player from York, England who plays a wide range of styles. As a musician, he has written guide books on different MIDI modules intended for accordion players. He even teaches accordion as well as MIDI accordion.


* Ad Cominotto – from Belgium, started to play contemporary classical music for accordion while he studied piano at the conservatory of Liege. Recently, as one of the acclaimed accordion players, Cominotto has taken up the classical side again after he switched to keyboard.
* Zolty Cracker – is a motorfolk tribal-pop band from Vancouver, with Annie Wilkinson on bass, accordion and vocals.

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