Toxic And Sacred Not-Knowing

How do you discern between not-knowing which is an excuse to avoid action and not-knowing that is necessary to wait and be patient?

There is not knowing that serves as postponing a change,
pushing away the responsibility,
and covering the truth in yourself and the situation.

This kind of not knowing will only disempower you.

And there is not knowing as not judging other people,
not being attached to the outcome of your efforts, and releasing control.

This kind of not knowing requires deep trust but will guide you to bigger adventures and bigger wins.

Which one do you choose?

How to discern between the two?

How to trust the sacred not knowing in your life?


  1. When you don’t know how to do sth.
  2. When you don’t know what to choose or do.
  3. What is the Toxic Not Knowing and how does it disempower you?
  4. What is the Sacred Not Knowing and how it empowers you?
  5. Examples of the Sacred Not Knowing.
  6. How to discern between the Toxic and the Sacred Not Knowing.

Love, Mariola

Ps. And please remember: The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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