Travel by Train from Paris to Amsterdam

Travel by Train from Paris to Amsterdam

Summary: The best way to have a relaxing and exciting trip from Paris to Amsterdam is to take a train.

If you are going from Paris to Amsterdam, you have to go through Belgium which makes it two extra countries to add. The direct Paris to Amsterdam trains are Thaly’s TVG’s trains and Eurolines. Thaly’s require an additional supplement on top of passes. It is possible to avoid TVG’s, but it will take a few hours longer and involves two changes.

The fare between the cities is very reasonable. There are several short stops on the way, to pick and drop off passengers. There are two classes of service on the Thaly’s, the first class, which they call comfort1, and the second class which they call comforts 2. The fare from comfort 1 is not that much compared to comfort 2, and a meal is included. However, comforts 1 has wider and more comfortable seats.

Comfort 1 does require reservations at a small cost if you already have a rail pass. But if you don’t, you can also make seat reservations for comfort 1, but it’s much more expensive. If you don’t make a reservation for comfort 1, you will surely end up in getting comfort 2 seats.

There are few steps you need to take before you can board on the train. First, you must validate your ticket before boarding; otherwise you will be fined by the conductor. At the start of your trip, go to a ticket window and have the agents stamp your ticket and add their initials. You have to provide your passport, so keep it where you can get it right away. After your tickets been stamped, if you have a railpass, you have to write in the first date of travel in the box provided, if the tickets does not have the date, the conductor will charge you a supplement.

Your ticket have the car and seat number on it, you have to find the “right” car going from Paris to Amsterdam, if that’s where you are going. Anyway, you can always ask uniformed train personnel, who stays outside the car. Prior to boarding check your ticket always. You meals are served in a way like that in an airplane.

There is a snack bar on all premiere trains, so that if you crave something sweet or salty, go to the bar for a snack or a cocktail. There is enough room for your luggage.

Going from Paris to Amsterdam by train is the most relaxing way to travel. You get the chance to see the country which will make your travel comfortable and fun, and it is much cheaper and exciting than flying.

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