We live in amazing times!

We live in amazing times!

This is a time of rapid and global changes. Crucial deconstruction of old structures and patterns that don’t work anymore, both in our culture and in our psyche.

So, already last year we all worried about the burning Amazon forest, then forests in Australia, Siberia, California. The symbolical burning Notre Dame in Paris and recently in Nantes.
We had to finally face and acknowledge the #metoo movement, then massive global manifestations against devastating the climate, organized by brave young people.
Just recently we were reminded about #BlackLivesMatters and all the racial injustice around the world that has been creating enormous pain of millions for centuries.
And of course, the unprecedented situation of COVID19, the lockdown of most of the world (unthinkable before!), and all the social and economic consequences of that. Not saying that there is already the second wave of the virus coming.

From a broader perspective, we are globally in a deep healing process.
Healing starts from acknowledging and uncovering wounds and scars and feeling and expressing all the pain, loss, sadness, grief, frustration, anger, and rage that they bring. Only then we can eliminate the causes that created the illness. So this is what’s been happening for more than a year. Shortly saying: first, it gets worse, then it can be better. This is a deep cleaning process.

How can you take care of yourself now:

  • spend more time in nature, in the sun, reconnecting with the earth, plants, trees, animals. This is a way to reduce anxiety and fear.
  • spend more time in solitude to listen to yourself, your own truth, which always abides in your heart, not in your mind.
  • eat even healthier than usual, take good rest, exercise – all the changes need to be integrated into our bodies and so we need to take care of them more. Not to mention COVID pressure.
  • be aware of what do you invite in your life, meaning what kind of information, what you read, watch, listen to, who you meet and talk and what about. Don’t allow collective fear and denial to weaken you.
  • this is the time of great opportunities to release old patterns and habits that don’t serve us anymore. Keep on going with your inner work. When there is an acceleration in the global changes it is easier to make a personal shift.
  • at the time of rapid changes, it is difficult to make decisions the old way. Focus on the next best step you can make now. In the “here and now” you have everything to make the next step. Controlling and anticipating don’t work now.
  • keep in mind the vision of the beautiful future for yourself, your family, and the whole world. This is the call for your deepest dreams! Now we need our imagination and hope more than ever to help us create a more loving, healthy, and united world.


Take good care of yourself.

Sending you my love, sun, and greetings,

The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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