What to wear to weddings & Summer parties? A huge inspiration post!

Any weddings or fancy family parties planned for Summer? I’ve got you covered with PLENTY of outfit inspiration!

These days are verrrrry weird and confusing, and most of us are staying at home to help prevent spreading the covid-19 virus — thank you for that! Let’s hope we’ll all stay healthy and get back to our normal social lives very soon, including all of those wonderful weddings and family parties that are planned for upcoming season. So while we patiently wait, I figured we could all use some distraction!

I got loaaads of questions from readers and followers regarding these parties and more specifically, what to wear to them! That’s why I gathered lots of different outfit ideas for you to start planning your looks already — I mean, we’ve got plenty of time to do so, right? Next to my own older party looks, I happily relied on some of my fave style inspirations for some of the best occasion looks out there.

So, if you’re still thinking about any wedding guest / garden party / family bbq / communion look for Spring and Summer… Scroll down and enjoy!

I love a good ton sur ton (or: colour on colour), especially in the pastel department! You can uplift super minimalist looks by overdosing on the same colour, or wear very similar hues together for a soft and dreamy effect. A simple, approachable way to rock ton sur ton is matching your shoes to your dress!

from left to right: source / my own picture / source / source

The slip dress trend has returned from the 90s a few seasons ago and is here to stay. A silk-like fabric looks very luxurious and is breezy enough for the warmer days. Wear with a shirt, longsleeve or tee underneath for a more casual effect!


If you want to keep things simple, opt for 1 statement piece that only needs a few accessories. The jumpsuit! The wide legged one with 70s feel is a forever favourite. Feels super comfy to dance in all night long, but don’t drink too much as a trip to the bathroom might be slightly complicated 😉

from left to right: source / my own picture / source

Whenever I’m shopping, anything voluminous instantly catches my eye! Pieces with excessive volume make me feel extravagant, luxurious and definitely comfy too. Wear your big puffer sleeves, A-line maxi skirts or oversized dresses with subtle shoes for a very chic vibe.

from left to right: source / my own pictures

Literally anything with an eye-catching print is a winner too for weddings or garden parties! When you’re not into floral, you could opt for a more unexpected animal print or fun polkadots. Instant Summer feels!

from left to right: my own picture / source / source

Here’s a piece you maybe hadn’t thought of yourself: the kimono. A large, floor-length kimono in a breezy, silk fabric can be extremely chic for a party! Combine with a mini dress or shorts underneath, and finish with open shoes to show some skin. After the party, wear it at home as lounge wear too. My fave place to find kimonos is the thrift shop — Episode always has a great selection, for example!


Even though the party invitation looks fancy, you don’t HAVE to wear a dress. There’s plenty of other amazing options, one of them being a suit. Pastel hues help to give a suit that elegant Sping party feel, but you can still totally rock these at the office afterwards.

from left to right: source / source / source / my own picture

The biggest wedding guest trend is of course floral. You can just never go wrong with a floral print! Works great with long, oversized dresses but also looks cute in a crop top for example. A floral print offers plenty of colour combinations to play with, and don’t forget to finish with a cute belt if you like!

from left to right: all my own pictures, except for the last one

Not everyone enjoys dressing up as much as I do (hah), so here’s some ideas on how to wear your fave pair of denim & still look fancy. Mix with shiny fabrics and big volumes to go from casual to chic. Why not wear a see-through dress on top of your jeans? Give it a try!

from left to right: source / source / source

These kind of celebrations are the perfect occasion to bring out COLOUR. Clash your fave bright hues and be surprised by how fun it looks! Some ideas to start trying in your own closet? Pink/red, pink/mint, pink/orange, orange/white, orange/lilac, orange/yellow, blue/red, blue/orange etc etc etc. Scroll through this post for more colour combos!

from left to right: all my own pictures except for the second one

Oh hello, that was unexpected, right? Casual gals, unite! You can even upgrade a simple sweatshirt to a cool party piece! How? Wear with anything high waisted (preferably in a silky fabric), add super feminine sandals and go for big, chunky jewelry. A clutch gives some extra party vibes too!

from left to right: source / source

Ayyy, another cool but comfy but sexy party look! A pair of high waisted, wide legged trousers are a must in anyone’s closet if you ask me, and they serve as the perfect party piece. Wear with a crop top, bodysuit or even bikini top for a dazzling evening look. Make it even more chic with open sandals and golden jewelry.

from left to right: source / source / source

Another statement piece that easily turns a simple look into a wedding-proof outfit. A pair of (preferably wide) printed trousers always has a feel of Italian holidays to it, so you’ll only need to add an elegant top and some over the top jewelry to finish the look. Don’t be afraid to play with colour!


If you don’t like COLOURS and FLORALS and other very typical wedding-ish trends, no worries! A simple, refined look always works. Limit yourself to one colour to keep the look toned down, but you can still play around with volumes, shapes and accessories for an interesting touch.

from left to right: all my own pictures

If you love the extravaganza on the other hand… More is more! I prefer fun, interesting textures over gala gowns, because they still have a certain cool edge to them. Feathers, sequins, tule… You name it! We already have so little occasions to dress up for, so don’t hold back 😉

from left to right: source / source / my own picture / source / source

And finally, I’ve showed you a lot of long dresses but you can opt for the opposite too: the mini dress! I personally wouldn’t choose a very tight bodycon dress, but would rather go for something with lots of volume! Looks fun, shows off the legs and still makes you feel very comfy. Wear with open mules or flats for extra cuteness

from left to right: source / source / source

my friends & I at a wedding past summer

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this massive inspiration post, and that you’ve gathered lots of ideas for your own outfit! Remember to always check your closet first to see if there’s anything you can reuse in an unexpected way before buying anything new 🙂 Another tip: go and explore your friends’ closets! You can borrow with love!

Want even more tips & outfit ideas? Go & check out my older wedding guest article!

Happy combining! ♥

featured photo on header: at my friend Stephanie‘s wedding!

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