Why Meditate

Hey 🙂
I meditate in a more organized way 🙂 since 2007 and with each year, I see how massive changes are this practice causes in my life.

I meditate almost every day. Every time, I need to start my meditation by breaking through the layer of noise in my mind. Sometimes it is easier, sometimes it takes half an hour to slow down and no longer be gripped by the thoughts and memories of the previous day.

I am meditating, actually, without a purpose. Just for the pleasure of freeing myself from the burdens that my mind produces. But it wasn’t always like that. For years I had a goal, I wanted to achieve something, have some deep insights, get answers to important questions, become something more than I am … Honestly, it didn’t work 🙂 My inner Controller didn’t give up.

And – paradoxically – all this became possible when I let go and when I started following the process. So now I’m fine in meditation, whatever “happens” or not.

Meditation is not an escape from difficult thoughts or feelings. It is not cutting off the body and its needs. It is not a substitute for life. On the contrary – it allows me to be completely integrated with myself and my life. Exactly as it is right now.

In this video, you’ll find:
1. what meditation is from my point of view
2. how to start
3. how to work with your mind and body
4. the most common benefits of meditation

Enjoy 🙂




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