Why we need teachers, psychotherapists, coaches…

Although I have done individual and group psychotherapy myself and have been a psychotherapist for 10 years – I do not think that everyone should take up psychotherapy.
Although I’ve worked with a coach and now I am a life coach myself – I do not think that coaching is for everyone.
Although I have been working with a spiritual teacher for over 10 years, I do not think that everyone must too…

That said, I need to admit that as long as I can remember I have had my teachers, psychotherapists, supervisors, masters … It has been always very important to me and I’ve made a big effort to establish a relationship with them. I believe that these kinds of relationships are never accidental.
There were not many of them in my life, because I was bonding for years. They were, and still are, significant and close to my heart. Thanks to them, to a large extent, I am who I am today.
But I remember that the master, psychotherapist, coach … are not the leaders of my life. It is me – and only me – who ultimately chooses and decides about myself and my own life. And I have to take responsibility for all the consequences. Our teachers, psychotherapists, coaches, mentors… are our mirrors, our companions, our guides at certain points in our lives …

In this video, I share my perspective on:

1. who is the teacher, the psychotherapist, and the coach
2. what benefits can you get from working with them
3. what pitfalls you may face in such a relationship and how to avoid them

Enjoy 🙂 and if you have questions/ comments please leave them in comments.

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